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Merciful No More

So sad to be leaving the weird, warped community of Merciful since We're Doomed took its final bow on Saturday night. I was so exhilarated that this show, which on paper looked like the darkest, most depressing thing ever, could shine so brightly once in the hands of the talented chorus.

I mean, we had earthquakes, a tornado, a tsunami, killer bees, zombies, Godzilla, a volcano, a massive car crash, shark attack, and a stabbing ... we killed off everyone in the cast save for one person ... and destroyed most coastal cities, from Melbourne Australia to Capetown South Africa ... and yet the whole thing was a nightly joy, filled with hilarity from start to finish.

Highlights, in so far as the many disparate opinions of the audience members coalesced around some sort of average, included our performances of "La Vida Eternal," "Tsunami is Gonna Get You", "Our Love is God," and "Secondary Characters" (pictured above) where minor figures Sister Skeptical and Sister Cranky get to belt out a duet at the last minute (before being eaten).

Now I get to be hard at work at the next show, The Supermusical: More Powers to You ... and we'll see if my much-touted cured insomnia persists while trying to sketch out the plot and structure in my head. Hopefully yes, fingers crossed.

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