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Show #32

We're Doomed!

In June 2016 we performed our take on those 1970s disaster films, as Brother Certain's doomsday cult, headquartered in Merciful on the coast, was visited by a series of catastrophes: earthquake, bridge collapse, car crash, killer bees, tornadoes, and even Godzilla showed up (though thankfully only in Tokyo). 

Highlights included Chris Roskelley and Donna Skrypichayko performing "Secondary Characters" (then getting consumed by zombies), and a Tsunami was brought to life by Suzie Lee, Natasha Sun and company in "Tsunami Is Gonna Get You" (which may bare some resemblance to a popular Miami Sound Machine song).  

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Did you know: great minds think alike ... shortly after this show was conceived, the musical Disaster! was announced for a spring Broadway opening, featuring songs from the 1970s and a slightly more famous cast!

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