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December 11-14, 2019
at Performance Works (Granville Island)


Apparently the Cinderella story is found in cultures around the world. The earliest version is about 2,000 years old, and described how a Greek slave girl married the King of Egypt after he fell in love with the perfection of her sandal, vowing to wed the girl it fit.

The Shoe Must Go On

a Cinderella musical panto

A frothy, romantic bubble of fun! Our irreverent take on the classic tale invoked rival Fairy Godmothers, a horrible Hotel, magic potions, and the daintiest glass slippers (sorry, not slippers, glass flip-flops) to ever hit the stage. 

We featured music from such shows as Groundhog Day, Waitress, and The Band's Visit, and from songwriters Pasek & Paul (the creators of The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hansen).  Our title song was a slight riff on Queen's "The Show Must Go On."  The evening was enlivened by two (2!) magical transformation dresses, and twists abounded as (gasp) the wrong person married the Prince!

Luckily, Flashback Florence was able to pop us back to the appropriate position in time, giving us a chance to do it all again and make it better.  Thanks, Florence!

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