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December 2018

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For an exceptionally interesting retelling of the Puss in Boots story ... so far removed as to be almost unrecognizable ... read "The Tale of Two Castles" by Garl Carson Levine (who wrote "Ella Enchanted.")  If you're a fan of Diana Wynne Jones, it has a similar twisty flavour.

Bootie and the Beast

The new musical panto ...

In our twisted take on perennial favourite "Puss in Boots" .. meets My Fair Lady (hey, they're basically the same plot, except in one of them the Cat & the Ogre have been smushed into the same character!) we featured great songs from Broadway shows such as Tony winner The Band's Visit, movie musicals like The Greatest Showman, and even TV (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).  

Maximina Throckmorton ran the Throckmorton Academy, training chaste young nobles to win Europe's Next Top Noble.  Sadly, it turned out the local Ogre was eating the winners.  Puss-in-Boots cleverly put a stop to that, and a happy ending was had by all!

Highlights included "Never Enough," "The Creation of Man," and "Brand New You."


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