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The Morning After

Opening night was a dream, everything I could have asked for. The audience laughed at 95% of the things I thought they would laugh at, and 15% of the things I didn't think they would laugh at, for an ultimate total of 10% more laughter than I was expecting! There were two loud cheering sections, one for Sister Despondent, and one consisting of former chorus members--both were very vocal and added to the fun (it's that kind of a show).

Our peerless photographer Pierre has captured umpteen shots of the show, but I'll share only a few favourites for now.

And apparently performing is hard work ... I lost another 2 pounds since my last weigh-in, so now I'm at a grand total of 20 pounds lost in 38 days ... not too shabby! I expect to look like a completely different person on closing night than I did at the first rehearsal :-)

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