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Safety First

Trying to get all my lines down--I've kind-of-sort-of got them, but they jumble themselves up and crash each other's sentence, so to speak. Part of the problem is that Brother Eccentric is apparently very concerned with safety, and some days it seems half of his lines are a variation on "It's safe here," "It's safe there," "You'll be safe there," "It's the only safe place," etc.

It makes me more appreciative of the difficulty of, for instance, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's job in Fully Committed (now playing on Broadway) where his entire one-man show consists of answering a reservation line, putting people on hold, and then dealing with their call--and since any of it could happen in any order, it's a small miracle he (or anyone in the role) would be able to remember what happens where. Impressive! (Even though I didn't like the show--apparently putting people on hold makes me tense. I was okay with American Psycho's singing serial killer, but not Fully Committed's reservations system).

In an effort to actually get to sleep, I've stopped working on the show in my head while in bed, and now I just work on the show while cycling around the city (yesterday I was particularly trying to earn calories so I could afford to eat popcorn during Alice Through the Looking Glass.) It turns out I've never actually been to the block between King Edward and 33rd, and Oak and Granville. It's so close to all sorts of places I go to all the time, how could I have missed it? The highlight of the cycle was a puddle on Devonshire remaining from Saturday's deluge which had been adopted by two ducks as a pond pro tem. How did they hear about this puddle? Can they smell a puddle from nearby Van Dusen and fly over to check it out? Are they rogue ducks wandering the city, telling each other "After last night's rainfall, I bet there'll be some great puddle action today!" ... I don't get it. I can't find a place that serves breakfast after 5:00pm and they can find a duck-sized puddle?

(Oh, and turns out there's a huge park (Devonshire Park) in the middle as well, which I've also definitely not seen. Amazing! So I'll be saving heaps of money in the future as I am now planning to hold all my future vacations in parts of town I haven't seen before. Ibiza? Prague? No thanks, we're considering a little getaway to the South Killarney neighbourhood near Sparwood Park. We can stay at the Deluxe Hotel on Kingsway just a 4 minute drive away ...)

Anyway, thanks to the FitBit's impressive ability to create motivation and knowledge, I've lost 12.5 pounds in 20 days, so am still feeling mightily chuffed--and that's after taking into account the movie theatre popcorn (no extra butter) and four mini-Mars bars. Audiences will be treated to the sight of a slightly overweight Brother Eccentric when June 15th rolls around, as opposed to the alarmingly overweight Brother Eccentric they were originally going to get!

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