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We're Back—Back with a Vengeance!

Back With a Vengeance poster.jpg

Back in 1922, the Newark, New Jersey radio station WJZ used to air entire Broadway musical comedies, complete with their original casts.

For our 40th musical, we thought we'd try something a little different. For one night only (plus a livestream, available for up to 72 hours after) we presented our first live performance in two years, featuring some of our most spectacular arrangements of the past, paired with a new, bewildering, zany plot.


We adopted a radio-play format, holding binders to ensure perfection during the difficult songs, and wore masks to keep everyone super-safe (so we set it in the future!) 

The plot followed a group of not-quite-colonists (we were invited!) on a space trip to Nereid, a moon of Neptune. We were beset by various space pirates, but eventually arrived safe and sound, of course! (Well, most of us did).

Highlights included the gorgeous Sister Act, the stirring Who I'd Be, just about anything the Space Ogres did, and our poor co-pilot's failed attempts to turn everything into a song cue.

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