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June 2017

Honey I Shrunk the Chorus

June 14-17 saw our smallest show yet, pun intended. When a shrink-ray went missing, the Association of Super Spies was dispatched to the east coast of Britain where an international celebrity wedding was underway.  Eventually the shrink ray was found, but not before everyone in the cast was diminished to the size of a jalapeno pepper.

By Act Two the miniature people had banded together in Tea Cup Town, and elected a mayor, who Trumped all over them for the rest of the show, until we reversed the polarity and got embiggened back up again!

Highlights included the hilarious "Bluer Than You," the stirring "She Used to Be Mine," and the rousing "Can't Stop the Feeling."

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This may be the first musical in history featuring miniature people (as opposed to short people, who are in somewhat greater supply.)  If I'm wrong, let me know!

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