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December 2017

Hallmarks of a panto production include the Dame (a man dressed as what could broadly be described as a woman), a principal boy (a lady with shapely legs, in tights, playing male), and much booing and hissing of the primary villain. See if you can spot the Dame in the photo above (hint: it's obvious!)

Climb Every Bean Stalk:

A Christmas Panto

December 13-16 2017: Jack and his Mother have arrived in the village anxious to make a new start. But their home sits next to an angry witch with a handful of magic beans, who's none too happy with her new neighbours.

We featured songs from shows such as Dear Evan Hansen, Into the Woods, and Waitress, plus pop hits from stars such as Bruno Mars and the Bare Naked Ladies!

Highlights of the production included two outrageously evil witches, a contentious relationship between the leading lady and music director, glorious costumes, and golden eggs that miraculously shattered night after night on cue.

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