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Join the Chorus

Joining the Chorus

It's easy to join The Broadway Chorus—contact Ashley to schedule a very casual audition. If you sing on-key, enjoy show tunes, can master simple choreography (given enough time), are 16 years of age or older,* and love to have fun, you'll fit right in. You don't even have to read music (though it helps, and if you want to learn, at least one of the directors will teach you in their spare time)—we just want people who love being on stage and approach each performance with boundless enthusiasm!

*Any younger children glimpsed in show and cast photos are family members of the director(s).



Auditions are easy too: we just want to be sure that you're on pitch and have sufficient range to handle the material, and you don't have to prepare anything (though once you join the Chorus, there are more traditional auditions to be considered for solos and subgroup parts in shows). Auditions are typically held in December/early January (for the May/June show) and in the summer (for the December show). 



Your responsibilities as a Chorus member are to make a genuine effort to attend all weekly rehearsals, to follow instructions given by the directors, to play nice with the other members, and above all, to have a great time performing!


Monthly membership dues are currently set at $50.00, payable at the start of each month during which at least one rehearsal occurs, with a $5.00 discount for paying on time or in advance.

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