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Show #33

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The Supermusical: More Powers to You

Our sequel to the original Supermusical brought back favourites like Statman, Without-A-Tracey, The Incredible Herc, and Dr. Mesmer, but, sadly, killed off Mama Nature.  Luckily her evil twin was in town to take over!​

We featured great songs amidst the action: tunes from recent hits like Hamilton and Finding Neverland, from obscure but wonderful shows like Promenade, and from under-appreciated flops like last season's American Psycho.  And thanks to Operella, we had some great moments of high culture amid the Broadway offerings.

Fraulein J made her third appearance in a Chorus show (that's the record for re-appearances, if anyone's keeping track), beating out two-timers like Terry the Fairy, Shelley Tortuga, the drag queens and company from Priscilla/Empire, and the superheroes who recurred this time around. Congrats, Fraulein J!

Did you know: superhero musicals are few-and-far-between on Broadway.  There was a successful Superman show in the 1960s (It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman) and in 2011 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark spectacularly flopped, amidst delighted media reports of horrific injury and backstage turmoil. It may be stretching it to call the title characters of Carrie and Matilda superheroes, but they certainly had super powers. One was a hit, one was not.

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