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Best Face Forward

With opening night looming (it's just a week away) it's time to create the program so that the audience will have something to rustle during the quiet moments. Because it was so much fun to create the poster, we decided to go with Doomed expressions for our pics in the program as well. I think it turned out rather well, and it will probably be easier to recognize the cast from these, than from the very glamorous images some of us have chosen for our usual head shot (I look almost exactly like Tom Cruise and George Clooney's love child under the right lighting conditions if you don't look too closely).

For the first time in a long time we have the right number of people in the cast and orchestra to line up the images in a neat 5x8 grid. As a perfectionist, it's torture to have to put down 37 people in a grid that doesn't quite work, so I'm grateful for the precision and harmony.

Still working on my diet and exercise regimen ... have lost 16 pounds in a month, so no matter how overweight I appear when you see the show, mentally add another 16 pounds to me and you'll realize how very far I've come. I am slowing down, however ... so long as the pounds come off, I'm in no great rush. Can't rush, in fact--if I try to do too much, the old ankle injury kicks in and makes the next day that much worse. So slow and steady, like the proverbial tortoise.

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