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June 2018

Déjà Vu-Doo

You'll want to see it again and again ...

You know that feeling ... the sense that you've experienced something before but can't quite remember it?  Well, perhaps you have! Maybe it's déjà vu ... or maybe it's déjà vu-doo! 


Our 35th show featured great songs from shows like Dear Evan Hansen, Amelie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and more. It told the touching tale (honest) of a restroom attendant's attempts to spread happiness and joy via time-travel.

Repeating the same period of time over and over again seems a form of time travel. In Kate Atkinson's Life After Life, the protagonist continually travels back to her birth, in Ken Grimwood's Replay the main character continually travels back to his 18 year old self, and in Groundhog Day the return is to the day before, again and again.

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