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Baking Bad: May 17 - 20, 2023


Get ready for The Broadway Chorus' 43nd show! 

Deep within the darkest forest, a coven of witches has discovered there's more to life than broomsticks and bats. There's profiteroles, lemon tarts, pain au chocolat, and blanc mange! 

Yes, the witches are baking. And dancing, and singing great showtunes from such shows as Beetlejuice, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, and more. 

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get turned into a toad—oops, forget that last bit—and you'll have a Hex-cellent night at the theatre. Of Curse you will! 

Tickets will be available mid-April.​  We hope you can make it. (Make it out alive, I mean! Oops, forget that last bit too. I'm sure you'll be fine. Witches are misunderstood!)

We typically have a fun fact here... check back soon!

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