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Uncle Deadly and the Surge

Our next show (We're Doomed) opens on June 15th and rehearsals are going swimmingly--or at least well enough that I can start stepping back a bit as director and start working on finding a character for myself. At Tuesday's rehearsal I attempted to channel the Muppets' Uncle Deadly for inspiration and I think it might just work (I'm playing Brother Eccentric, and feel I should therefore come across as eccentric. Those who have met me may well be thinking "Ashley, just play yourself," and I'd have trouble countering their argument.

Regardless, by the time the show rolls around, Brother Eccentric will definitely be sporting an accessory he shares with his portrayer--the FitBit Surge. Luckily it looks like a watch, so I think I can get away with it. It tracks my physical activity and rewards me with permission to eat more food, so there's not a chance in the world I'm going through a whole musical without getting credit for it! I am absolutely addicted to this little device, which surprises me to no end as I was mentally mocking them three weeks ago (why would anyone need to know how many steps they take in a day?)

But the way it works is thus: I put in my goal (to lose *cough!* pounds by October), and it decides how many calories I need to deprive myself of every day (let's say 700) ... so I start the day out with a measly 1200 calories I'm allowed to eat. But then the magic happens--as I go through my day, the FitBit recognizes my efforts and rewards me with the promise of extra calories, and suddenly that 1200 calories is 1700 calories because of the big walk I took at lunch. So instead of a vague reward in the future (you'll be healthier, you'll feel better, you'll look thinner) I get an immediate concrete reward (you don't have to starve today!)

Love it. You also have to track your calories otherwise the whole thing's useless, but I don't mind that--and I've learned so much. For instance, I thought that hamburgers and fries were worse than a salad with a light vinaigrette, but now I know that hamburgers and fries are about 16 zillion times worse, and I will probably only ever eat them now if the Liberal Government makes it mandatory on August 3rd or some such reason. Maybe that's why sliders were invented, so people on a diet could just have one tiny hamburger and have it not cost them their entire day's allowance of calories. This will work if I only ever go out for meals with two friends who are also managing their calories (no one says dieting anymore).

Wish me luck!

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