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Wendy Bryan

This is my first show with BroadwayChorus, an amazingly talented, creative, compassionate, compatible, and cohesive group. After a hiatus of several decades, I sang with several choirs in succession, finally finding my groove with Chorisma, a jazz choir, and my love of musical theatre with BroadwayChorus.


Retired from IT, widowed, and enthusiastic Nana to two granddaughters, my love of movement extends to living aboard my boat, thus getting rocked to sleep each night ( and yes, I do my own maintenance, sometimes well. )


Thanks to family, who never say, "You're doing WHAT?" to any of my life choices. And thanks to the leadership of Ashley, Sarah, Sarah, Deidre, and Kate for their clear, coordinated direction - they communicate! And finally, thanks to fellow cast members and crew.  They treat newbies like gold nuggets waiting to shine, with support and encouragement and hugs. It's the hugs that have given me the courage to shine.


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