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Deirdre Bain (George)

Chantel Bedard (Siobhan Schmidt)

Paige Blumer (Gina)

Leigh Bruce (Fanny the Fairy God-Mother)

Wendy Bryan (Countess of Blethering-Pippwilly-Phyffe)

James Ceaser (Minister of Perfectly Normal Walks)

Kenny Chan (Earl of Panini)

Nicole Chan (Kahlua)

James Clendenon (Pit Singer)

Yvonne Connors (Zant the Fairy God-Aunt)

Claire Davis (Lorelei Schmidt)

Lauren Davies (Ensemble)

Ben Dobyns (Prince Charming)

Kate Douglass (Cousin Cameron / Bird Puppeteer)

Lara Fraser (Mrs Tottendale)

Andew Grant (Bellhop)

Michel Guimond ("French" Chef)

Suzanne Jabour (Zinnia)

Kai Hsieh (Chef)

John Kelly (Count of Blethering-Pippwilly-Phyffe)

Leanne Kuzminski (Hannah)

Ashley Lambert-Maberly (Hazel Huckabee)

Nadine Launinger (Diana)

Suzie Lee (Cinderella)

Neilson Mackay (Chief Bellhop)

Rex Neville (Chief of Protocol)

Cynthia Penner (Dowager Queen Alice)

Dionne Phillips (Petra)

Chris Roskelley (Front Desk Clerk)

Ken Shand (Uncle Uther)

Donna Skrypichayko (Debbie)

Corvyn Steel (Bobby McBanner)

Natasha Sun (Storyteller)

Ildiko Toth (Tabitha)

Kim Tsang (Princess of Lower Upperly)

Sarah Vollett (Flashback Florence)

Shona Wercholuk (Sally)



Ashley Lambert-Maberly (Director, Book)

Sarah Jaysmith (Music Director, Piano)

Sarah Vollett (Assistant Director)

Cathy Williams (Stage Manager)

Ciara O'Kelley (Assistant Stage Manager)

James Clendenon (Technical Director)

Gil Jaysmith (Drums)

Tara Gaertner (Flute)

Laurence Perry (Bass)