Sarah Vollett

Assistant Director

Sarah Vollett has been a performer with the Broadway Chorus since 2008, choreographer since 2014, and Assistant Director since 2015. Favourite roles with the Chorus include a jingle lady, the ghost of an 80s prom queen, the wife of an evangelical preacher, and a very earnest pre-teen. As a choreographer, she's particularly proud of the "Mrs. Cladwell" clipboard dance routine in Déjà Vu-doo. Her Assistant Director role can best be understood by those who saw her performance of Hans, the long-suffering servant of Ashley (sorry, Lady Pummington-Binks) in Climb Every Bean Stalk

Her musical theatre journey started at age 11, when she performed with Modern Baroque Opera's The Child, the Book and the Broomstick. She was hooked, and hasn't looked back since. She figures she can trace the start of her directing career to when she saw Wicked on Broadway at age 15, and left the theatre complaining about how she could have staged "What is this Feeling?" so much better than the actual director. In recent years, she's been grateful to learn more about the technical elements of theatre, gaining a much greater appreciation for the importance of stage management and technical design in bringing a show to life.

When not wearing her theatre hat, Sarah is a business analyst at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, and an active non-profit volunteer and board member. She is infinitely grateful to Ashley and Sarah J for their continued trust in her leadership and for giving her the opportunity to live out her creative dreams.