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Michelle Ricketts
Michelle Ricketts


Forest Residents

Meet Michelle Ricketts – A cat mom, and dynamo on a mission, armed with a huge pinch of tenacity and enough energy to power a small city! After enduring over three decades of corporate escapades, she blends wellness seamlessly into the world of consulting, arming leaders and teams with the tools to conquer setbacks, evade burnout, and supercharge their intellectual prowess. She's the go-to guru for killing your calendar like a pro and embracing health and fitness with the flair of a fitness ninja. 

With a track record of conquering personal challenges that rival a superhero's dedication to justice, Michelle reminds us that every hurdle is a gift and opportunity. 

While Michelle has graced the stage presenting and speaking, her love affair with theater, especially musicals, takes a spotlight with this being her inaugural foray onto the theatrical stage. Watch out, Michelle's just getting started, and she's hoping this is the opening act to many more theatrical adventures in her future.

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