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Jay Townsend
Jay Townsend



This is Jay’s second show with The Broadway Chorus.

Act 1 - As a kid growing up in Calgary, Jay got an early start performing with the Calgary Boys Choir.

Act 2 - Jay’s musical journey abruptly switched gears when he discovered punk rock music and the electric guitar in middle school. He had a blast recording and performing in a variety of punk and heavy metal bands until early 2020. (Intermission) Music, creativity, and community have always been a passion of Jay’s. He loves to write/perform original tunes, screen-print DIY t-shirts, Peloton, and dabble in graphic design/concert promotion.

Act 3 - Prior to joining the chorus Jay had the opportunity to revisit harmony and community in a couple amazing YVR community choirs which inevitably led him back to… 

Act 4 - The Broadway Chorus! Now it’s round 2 and he couldn’t be more excited!

Post script - Outside of the Chorus and music Jay is a social worker, partner, and father to an amazing teenage son. Life is truly a journey, so seize the day. Now buckle up, (put down your cellphone) and enjoy the show!

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