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Deirdre Bain

Deirdre Bain



Deirdre joined The Broadway Chorus in 2013 after watching a colleague (Lara) perform in a show. With a little bit (okay - a lot!) of encouragement from a friend, she auditioned for the next show and has been part of this wonderfully creative, kind and zany troupe ever since. 

This isn't her first rodeo playing a witch. She started as a child practising her best Samantha Stephens and moved onto “witch mother” in Climb Every Beanstalk. This character-type seems to be a good fit! (Stop chuckling. She can hear you!) 

She wishes to extend a huge thank you to Ashley for building this community and providing us with a safe space to sing, play and create together. Much gratitude to all the Chorus folks whose skills and commitment make the process of putting on a show a real joy. It takes a village! 

Many thanks to you, our audience. With your support, we get to do what we love, and boy, do we love to put on a show!

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