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Chris Roskelley

Chris Roskelley

Courtier, Nanny

Chris is a long time member of the Broadway Chorus and is absolutely thrilled to be part of Ashley’s anniversary show ‘Beyond the Meadow’. 

Chris has often considered chorus and show week as summer camp where we all come together and build community and a fabulous show. With over 20 years clocked with the chorus, her collection of friends is abundant and full of good fun and love…and she is so grateful to have these treasured characters in her life.

Some of her favourite roles have been Mrs Partridge (Anne Murray of Green Gables), Mrs Cladwell (Deja Vu-do), and Susan (We’re Doomed).

Stage work was not part of her life prior to joining chorus and now she can’t imagine a day without it and her chorus family. Chris would like to thank Ashley, the many directors and her cast of friends for all the opportunities they have given her over the years.  Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!

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