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Catherine (Cat) Senff

Catherine (Cat) Senff



This is Catherine's third show with the Broadway Chorus and she is excited to let her freak flag wave and bring the role of Kitschykoo the Clown to life. 

A former high-school band and choir geek, Catherine has found that being part of this eclectic group of choristers has been amazing (and cheap!) weekly therapy and doesn't understand why the entire world is not a musical theatre production.

She would like to thank her friends and family for their love, encouragement, and enthusiastic support by listening to her gush about rehearsals, and by attending performances in person or by livestream - even if that means a gaggle of them sit in the  second row in her direct line of sight like at a previous show... you know who you are. :) She would also like to thank her Broadway Chorus family for creating such a wonderfully positive and inclusive space, and is extremely excited for future productions.

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