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Donna Skrypichayko

Donna Skrypichayko



Donna has fond childhood memories of turning a behemoth of a coffee table into a stage for enthusiastic performances that were inspired by the likes of Liza Minelli, Rita Moreno, and The Von Trapp Family Singers. Influenced and encouraged by her big sister Lisa, high school musicals and community choirs followed, as did many years of enjoying music and theatre from the audience perspective.

In 2005, Donna found The Broadway Chorus, and she has been singing and dancing and making believe with them ever since. She loves the collaborative energy, as well as the leap of faith that everyone in the group takes with each new show. If you ask her which Broadway Chorus role has been her favourite, Donna will likely answer with whichever role she happens to be working on when you come to her with the question. In "Baking Bad," she looks forward to bringing some subtle quirkiness to the stage - which, if you know Donna, will be a stretch, as quirkiness  and subtlety are attributes that she rarely exhibits!

In addition to having done a billion shows with The Broadway Chorus, Donna has performed in Giggles & Gags sketch comedy shows and in community dance productions Le Grand Continental (look it up, it's very cool!) and the Solstice Dance productions at Mountain View Cemetery.

Donna is forever grateful to the folks who come out to see our shows. Without an audience, there is no show, and building these shows feeds each Broadway Chorus member in a unique and special way. So thank you all!

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