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Ashley Lambert-Maberly

Ashley Lambert-Maberly


Ashley has been performing since the age of 6, but only began creating new musical theatre since 1998 with the first performance of his original musical Beyond the Meadow.  Since then he has created Rumpelstiltskin's Children, Beautiful, In Pursuit of Porridge, and Lucia, in addition to the dozens of scripted musicals devised for the Broadway Chorus.

He has a soft spot for the character of Rue d'Awakening as featured in Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, and its sequel The Empire Strikes a Pose.  Outside of the Broadway Chorus he has played drug-addicted choirmaster John Jasper twice, Prince Charming three times, and he's fond of his stint as Jack in Into the Woods at UBC's Freddy Wood Theatre.

In his normal life he's a senior institutional researcher at UBC's PAIR Office; in his spare time he volunteers as a guide at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, and in his spare spare time he practices Japanese and maintains the humorous knitting blog  Much thanks to his family for their encouragement and support.

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