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Lara Fraser
Lara Fraser


Witch/Pied Piper

Lara Fraser is appearing in her (insert large number here) show with the Broadway Chorus, a delightful bunch of weirdos she adores beyond measure. Following a 30-year hiatus from the stage after playing Wanda the Witch in a school production in grade 4, she rediscovered theatre as an adult. A classic double-threat, Lara can successfully either dance, act, or sing (pick two) all at one time. Favourite roles include Artesia Shoemaker in The Ghostman Always Rings Twice, and Eurterpe in Eightiestown, where she discovered the pleasure of playing a villain. Lara is pleased to be villainous once again - times two! She promises to feed you well as the Witch, and to lead you gaily into unspeakable danger as the Pied Piper.

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