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Deirdre Bain

Deirdre joined The Broadway Chorus in 2013 after watching a colleague perform in a show and falling in love with the concept of the productions. She has been part of this wonderfully creative and zany troupe ever since. She is tickled to have found a place for her unbridled need to sing and has particularly enjoyed exercising her choreography chops for the large and small group numbers in past shows. (She can be seen quietly clapping and cheering from the sidelines as members bring her ideas to life.)

She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the talented folks in the Chorus, each with their own unique personality and skillset, to sing and play and create together. A huge thank you to Ashley for creating the magic, to Sarah J for creating the music and making us better, to Sarah V for all she does and to my Chorus family for their support, laughter and keeping me entertained week after week. Many thanks to you, our audience. With your support, we get to do what we love, and boy, do we love to put on a show!



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