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Tara Gaertner

Tara Gaertner (flute, rebel) has been performing with the Broadway Chorus since 2010, sometimes in the cast and sometimes in the pit band.
Tara spent much of her teen years playing in the pit orchestra for high school musicals, but it wasn’t until she joined Broadway Chorus that she got a chance to act, dance and sing on the stage. Favourite memories include chewing bubble-gum while singing in The Ghostman Only Rings Twice (2011), hamming up Russian accents with Gil in War & Geese (2012), and playing the Hinterland’s Who’s Who theme (Another Elfing Musical, 2011).
Tara has a B. Mus. in flute and has taught piano to children for the last fourteen years. On the side, she has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is writing a book about the science behind musical practicing. She has two teenaged children who have been indoctrinated into the love of musical theatre. She also has just completed her first year of medical school and is looking forward to a new career as a family doctor.