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Kerstina Kane

Kerstina is thrilled to once again hit the stage with this talented bunch of people in June. This is her 6th show with Broadway Chorus and she loves the Church-loving actress diva character “Cosette” that she is portraying in this show- maybe a little too much like her younger self ;).

Her favourite past credits include - Sister Enthusiastic (We’re Doomed), Harmony (Supermusical 2) and of course the Minion (Climb Every Beanstalk). She wants to thank her support group of family and friends who never fail to see her perform on stage! Huge shoutout to her mother, her very own costume designer/visionary, and her husband for all the love and support and letting her adventure out on her own every Tuesday night. 


Thanks for all the support to all who come see this show and to my cast - Break a leg! Xo