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Nancy J Lilley

Nancy J Lilley


Nanking Lily

This is Nancy's first show with The Broadway Chorus and she is thrilled to be joining the chorus this late in the season and singing in the pit to get the old pipes working again.  Nancy was one of the originators of The Actor's Choir with Brian Tate, after she worked on set as Tyne Daly's stand-in on Bye Bye Birdie and got to listen in to all the leads recording their songs in a truck on the set parking lot. She also sang with the Sing City Choir in the West End, led by Laura Lang, and The Maple Leaf Singers, in Burnaby and her church choir in Coquitlam.  In the past she sang at weddings, singing telegrams, and at Nancy's Piano Bar at Whistler back when the crazy Canucks were in their hay day. 

Nancy has been a working actor in Vancouver since 1982 after she moved from Ontario. She trained in NYC, NY at Herbert Berghof Studios after graduating from York Univ. with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She got the "bug" playing the lead in a play opening Glendon College's new Acting program.  She sang and danced in musicals at Metro Theatre and TUTS when first arriving on the west coast.  She has played principal and acting roles in TV, Features and MOV, for over 40 years, as well as working as a photo double, stand-in and stunt/actor and is a UBCP member.

At 40 years old, she started doing stunts and did everything from stair falls in John Tucker Must Die, as the Coach, stunt driving in X-Men 3, fire stunt in Stargate SG-1, stunt fighting with Isabella Rossallini in Shut Eye, as the character Muli, and getting shot while riding a scooter in Surviving the Apocalypse, stunt doubling for Chrissy Metz in Breakthrough, and most recently stunt performing in So Help Me Todd.  Nancy was thrilled to sing a Shania Twain song, playing a karaoke singer in Bones of Crows.  She wrote, sang and produced a lullaby CD called A Whisper and a Sigh and directed, wrote and produced a feature documentary, 4 Dancers' Dreams, which aired on Prime for a year and won many awards on the film festival circuit.  She wrote 3 original songs for the film that were sung by the singer/dancers she was highlighting in the film. 

She has been a busy dance Mom with her daughter Shanna, training since she was 2 years old.  She's now 20 and dances pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap, and hip hop if she has to. Nancy had two golden retrievers that were released from PADS and worked in the film industry for a decade.  Nancy also showed a papillon called Cupid who won his Canadian Championship and still bosses his roommate Carmen (another papillon) and even the latest fur child, a Newfie called Katya.  Her daughter also has a cat named Loki and a ball constrictor snake called Pedro.

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