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Dionne Phillips

Dionne Phillips



Dionne is celebrating her 10 year anniversary with The Broadway Chorus and is thrilled to be a singing Snowfolk with her musical family. She grew up singing in church choirs, school choirs, bands, theatre groups, and most recently, the Universal Gospel Choir, and only recently found out she was singing before she could talk. Some Things Never Change! 

When not rehearsing or on stage, Dionne is an Executive Assistant and enjoys running (around in) her office in beautiful South Surrey. She is also serving on the board of directors for 2 production teams, and embraces being "too busy to cook dinner". She thanks her supportive friends for taking care of her dinner plans, her 3 cats for their cameos during zoom rehearsals, and YOU - the supportive audience that keeps us going and producing shows each season! Enjoy the show!

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