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Christine Roskelley
Christine Roskelley



Hello and a warm welcome to the Broadway Chorus! Chris has made Broadway chorus home for many years with our current show her 40th.

The Broadway Chorus gave Chris her first stage experience and she has never looked back. For her, chorus is like summer camp where you all come together, create fun and meaningful relationships while putting together a wacky little show. Chris is forever grateful to Ashley and the production teams over the years for giving her the opportunity to play so many fun roles such as Mrs. Partridge, Mrs. Cladwell, and Mrs. Weston. For this show, Chris will put on her social media influencer hat and will be gathering hits and likes instead of more Mrs.*

Along with her time with chorus Chris has been privileged to be part of six Giggles and Gags shows, play the Storyteller in the Fighting Chance production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Barb the bard in Fabulist Theatre’s original show ‘The Untold Legend of Imogen Flight.’

By day Chris works as a preschool music enrichment teacher and would like to acknowledge this time with children as it has definitely impacted her time on stage.

Thank you one and all for coming out and being part of our audience and supporting Community theatre.

*Credit to my pal Donna Rae for this clever little pun!

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