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Caroline Grenfors

Caroline Grenfors



Caroline has traveled from the snowy forests of Sweden to live the “move abroad after graduation to find yourself” trope, and is therefore not only a newcomer to The Broadway Chorus, but to Vancouver in general! Ever since she was a 9 year old (making her parents sit through her one-woman-Katy-Perry-show), she has loved performing. When she watched The Phantom of the Opera for the first time at 13, her love for musical theatre was born. Since then she’s graduated from a three year music and singing education in Stockholm! 

Getting to sing with the chorus has helped her feel more at home, and she’s so thankful to be part of such a wonderful group. This will be her second and (sadly) last show since she’s moving back to Sweden come summer. Caroline hopes you enjoy the show and to see you again soon!

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