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Carolina Weber

Carolina Weber


Carolina is excited to be back for her second show with the Broadway Chorus! She recently moved from Prague to Canada, and has decided to make Vancouver her new home.

Growing up in a musical family of performers and lyricists had a huge impact on her life and love for music and musical theatre. She was a member of a dance group as a child and had her first solo singing performance at the age of 7. She studied tap dance and singing throughout her life.

Carolina fell in love with musical theatre after seeing her first live musical Dracula in Prague and wanted to become a performer ever since. Watching Rent by Jonathan Larson made that want grow even stronger. What she loves about musical theatre is how transformative, eye-opening, provocative, and overall moving the experience is. 

Big thank you to the Broadway Chorus for the amazing experience and for making this girl’s dream come true.  All my love to my family and friends for your support and encouragement.  Enjoy the show!

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